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This is a really lovely 1951 Chevrolet 3100 5-Window that is a full restoration completed to the highest standards both mechanically and cosmetically to pass the highest judging standards, finished in gorgeous factory Seacrest Green with the contrasting off white piping along with the beautiful luster and shine, looks striking with the amazing steel work and the documentation of the process, the white ‘Chevrolet’ tailgate letters also set this forth this beautiful color, here is a fantastic vehicle that belongs at a classy Maine summer home or that farm in Connecticut, hard to find such a stock true documented frame-off restoration that is REALLY outstanding, has the full chrome front bumper with bumper guards, chrome rear bumper and full chrome grill, 16” steel body colored wheels with dual hand off white striping equipped that have mounted Firestone bias ply blackwalls, chrome trim rings, hub caps, dual chrome mirrors, here is a highly desirable collector vehicle that is increasingly hard to find in such a stock condition with all solid steel featured in this rare Chevrolet 1951 3100 pickup, it is powered by fresh 235cid 6 cylinder engine dressed out to look ‘as factory’, i.e., just like the 216cid unit, excellent compression, 1v restored Rochester, oil bath air cleaner, stock appearance under the hood includes the valve cover looking like original, has full tune, just purrs, brand new aluminized single exhaust and muffler system, 12 volt upgrade, everything virtually new including the wiring harness along with the 12 volt upgrade, dual taillights, the underchassis is in top show condition, all highly detailed, the stock interior is the correct black naugahyde bench seat, finished door panels and headliner, has the optional dual sun visors, the dash pod is done along with the hard to do gauge package, the gauges work, has the rare under bed spare tire carrier, all new stainless steel carriage bed bolts just installed in all bed rails, has dual windshield wipers, Owner’s Manual and Shop Manual, here is a correct full restoration with highly desirable stock appearance along with top mechanicals as the goal, all work completed for Summer 2011,

History: this series is a Landmark design piece of Americana, the shape here is one of the most popular collector vehicles of the Millennium, the design from Chevrolet's Advance Design Light Division started in 1947 and ended with the First Series 1955 truck with the 1948 to 1953 being the most collectable, this important year is the first of the side window vents that yields more air floor in the cab, it is finished as a really top, top driven show vehicle, Fraser Dante was thrilled to have found such a great 3100, VIN# 8JPB5171 shows that this was an Atlanta produced vehicle originally, then ended up in the 2005 period that was started in Alabama and finally finished in Atlanta when the restoration was finally completed, there is nice history with CD photos of the frame-off restoration, photos of the 2011 final build, tremendous effort shows the cab and corners are exemplary and every piece is all beautifully worked steel, the vehicle was taken completely apart with the process being documented((SEE LINK), all body work prepped before painting, the frame itself is stripped to the metal, then highly detailed and protected with paint as shown in photos, the initial receipts found in the file with low excellent labor rates in Alabama are for $28,077 alone, this is before the collector in Georgia bought and then worked on it and then before Fraser Dante did the complete cosmetic finish along with top mechanicals in order to be a show winning type 3100 as well as one the can be driven from your Maine house to get lobster at the pond or the golf club,

The presentation of this pickup stands forth with the full correct chrome optional equipment that sets this off as a wonderful show vehicle, all new chrome front bumper with the bumper guards added make a great presentation along with the expensive full front grill that looks impressive, chrome rear bumper, dual chrome side mirrors, chrome trim rings, hub caps, extensive care was taken with this body work and the magnet sticks virtually everywhere, it is important to have full steel trucks for the value to hold strong in the investment market, many pieces are not even remanufactured today, the bed of the trunk appears to be the correct reproduction since the lines are so perfect! see the beautiful bed that is finished in special oak that has many coats of varnish to protect that has a fantastic shine, this work to bring the varnish high is time consuming and all hand work, this even has the tailgate chains that are covered to protect,

the very straight lines to effect the value of these trucks, note the pin striping around the cab is off white for a great look, correct naugahyde factory interior is fully done with the factory correct black bench seat, correct seat, nicely installed materials with the proper door panels that are a factory correct combination of perforated cardboard finish panel with the remainder steel inner door skin in body color, the full headliner is factory correct as well with expert installation that includes the liner material and finished with body colored strips, also the door panels are completed in the same manner, all chrome door handles are new both inside and out, the windows roll up and down well with the mechanism being fully redone, the running boards completely redone with new optional ‘Chevrolet’ step plates, working horn, full correct gauges and bezels working, these were obviously redone in the Alabama part of the restoration, it is hard to find these gauges in this condition, the speedometer works, the whole front bezel is really well done, has a glove box, has the optional dual sun visor which are very hard to get, the heater is there but not connected to stop any water leak in the cab, the spectacular show quality oak wood bed just redone with many layers of fresh varnish to protect and for show, this has taken great time to look great with the body colored metal strips,

even though the paint was new when found in 2011, the final body and paint detailing is just completed at Fraser Dante by a top ‘finisher’ who brings out fantastic luster in the paint, this guy is a true professional in his work with a buffer (SEE LINK), with all the chrome option pieces, this 1951 Chevrolet 3100 show truck is exceptional,

Engine/transmission: one of the strong points about this terrific Chevrolet 3100 is the strong 6 cylinder engine, just completed is the engine compartment that is highly detailed for top show condition, fresh correct 235 cid engine that is presented to look like factory, has the valve cover set just like the 216 while using the full bearings of the 235, has the side vent tube set up for the 216cid, the engine was part of the restoration with all work including the pistons, rings, valves, crank were done from all the information received, with the strong compression of 150 to 155 lbs  (SEE LINK FOR COMPRESSION AND NUMBERS), the valves have just been set, this 235 engine was chosen because it has full bearings and oiling system, work by a top GM tech has the 216cid valve cover installed with the dual bolts through the top of the valve cover, again the side oil fill tube to look 216 stock while having the full oiling system using the bearings of the 235 later model, fresh oil, has the important optional oil filter painted correctly, has the one barrel carburetor with correct air filter,

this carberator is a Rochester 1v that is very rare and these are increasingly hard to find, the carb and the linkage just worked by a top GM tech who has knowledge of the era, the engine is painted steel gray as factory color, correct ‘Thiftmaster” decal, all fresh spark plugs, full wiring system, new distributor cap, new coil, belts and hoses, the tune work includes setting the valves that takes an experienced technician, the radiator is just flushed with fresh coolant, the road test just completed to make sure all systems work well,

Note the sensational firewall that shows the top body work that is backed up with the restoration photos and paint work as well as
one can see all the wiring looms, one can see the relays, all the electrical new system, there is a hose for the vacuum
wipers from the intake system, the exhaust has the correct factory type manifold and now the system has a brand new handmade, expensive show quality aluminized system with new muffler and hangers just completed (LINK), the clutch grabs as it should as was all new in the start of the restoration, the rear end is just lubed, the 3 speed transmission on the column works as it should, shifts fine, all the hoses and belts are new and factory correct with proper clamps,

Suspension/running gear: even the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals are new rubber, to make sure this drives exceptionally, the new, new brake rebuild has as all fresh brake shoes, wheel cylinders (SEE LINK), this expert brake work had to be redone since from the start of the restoration to today it was driven so little, brand new master cylinder, then this system is just road tested, new kingpins, new front springs, proper heavy duty rear springs, rear axle redone with seal, new rear Monroe shocks, fronts are Gabriels that were done in the initial restoration, the five hard to get 16” steel wheels have repainted in body color, just completed are the hand painted dual white line stripes by a well known artist (SEE LINK), the five tires are the proper expensive Firestone 6.50x16 bias ply tires, also equipped with the hard to get factory under mount spare tire carrier, the trim rings are new, proper Chevrolet hubcaps,  

Photos of the underchassis show the extent of the initial restoration and the final hand detailing completed with many hours by Fraser Dante for Summer 2011, with the RESTORATION PHOTOS (SEE LINK), one can see the whole build, then the few years with being shown, then all the fresh show detailing, the suspension has been lubed,

Summary:  the 12 volt system makes starting terrific, working turn signals, has the dual optional taillights, the new tailgate with the ‘Chevrolet’ white logo has just been applied, has new chains with rubber protectors, the dash pod features the hard to accomplish proper all working gauges, new polished dash face bezels, glove box liner, great effort has been expended to have the new windshield, new rear window and new side quarter glass windows all being new installed with proper black rubber seals, the roll up windows work great, this glass process is very difficult to accomplish, the final work for a top Chevrolet 3100 is completed for Summer 2011, many included items with this package includes the large and very large technical Chevrolet Shop Manual along with the Owner’s Manual (LINK) to aid in the running condition for the future maintenance for easy use,

If one desires, the technicians at Fraser Dante are able to build an optional red oak side stake with dual horizontal boards, all of this work is accomplished with the oak being purchased, cut and assembled to fit to the exact bed, then taken apart and the red oak is hand sanded, edges rounded, stained, then countless hours of sanding, varnish, sand varnish and then finally built with stainless steel nuts and bolts, this process takes about three weeks with all the prep and the drying involved, the completed fixture adds a great character to the pickup, the photo shown here is such a build just completed for one of our friends for his classy farm (SEE LINK), the additional costing is only $2850, thusly presented is a  show, classic vehicle with documented restoration, top fresh mechanicals, great classic Americana design, this fabulous Chevy Pickup was SOLD at the RM AUCTION / AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE, held at the RITZ CARLTON - MARCH 10, 2012,